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25 novembre 2010 ore 00:02 segnala
I’m not particularly proud about this pause, sometimes things happen faster than the way you usually expect them to be. Truth is, I watched way more movies and had a lot more of things moving into my mind than usual so, I’m trying to post what I think is essence and not appearance. Time always flows, good or bad who cares, I don’t at all and you shouldn’t as well, all that matters, that really matters It’s the way you are and the way you think, what you’d do and what you wouldn’t. Expectations, wondering, ramblings, nevermind. This is not my favourite month of the year for a lot of connections, meanings, exceptions, objections and so on. Some could appear to be valid as well as others could be completely wrong but this is something, again, I don’t care at all ‘cos first thing first, as I already wrote lots of times, I write for no-one else but myself, me, moi meme and so on.

What's the matter then, many things, no things at all, I'm on a rocket, I’m on this journey and yet I feel I'm underground, it's a matter of time as always, back on the business, back to the Marshal and to the bad side of the law, here from Mars to Orion where all concrete facts are factoids and mutual stones are, in fact, asteroids. You could never believe all I saw in that far cloud, so far, so cold, so tempting at the same time, it's mutual still, it's driving me over the edge and is a question of time, space and essence of nonsense in terms of knowledge and yes, there's the rain Sir, the fucking rain that never stops and holds on my spine, I'm feeling old, capisci, and I picture mesa sleeping there in a graveyard with red, blue painted, yellow, greenish, purple roses. And there's the doorbell close to the graveyard, who comes to visit needs to use this doorbell in case I'm just too busy playing some damned good groove from beyond now and then. I may assure you, Sir, crafts would be impeccable but you need to use all civilized assets to get yourself at home. No noise, no complaining, just enjoy all your time, enjoy it good, I would do certainly so. While I was sitting not so distant from the main table, inside the place, the only good or bad place you could fine being as I am in fact, being as I am again.

The place that offers, inside, food freshness while outside, a warm day is consuming all shadows in the big city, in this city, the city that never sleeps. I'm sitting and I'm sad, I can't sing but all I can think of it’s my job. I like the old days, bad and dirty days, the bad and sulky days, you paid with money or with blood and it’s about the same, depending of different points of view. Sometimes the barber comes, does his job here in the freshness of the main office, that is the main entrance as well, here, where he knows everything and where he keeps the memory. Today I'm sitting as many other days I did in my past but sometimes things are going better while some others are truly bad. Today I'm sad but I'm still sitting on my chair, I know my place after all. From time to time I look at the front door, I'm not expecting company it's just a way to check on the entrance, to check on my complains, to check on the outside. Traffic is always a jam, yellow taxi goes, yellow one comes, thousands and thousands over thousands and it's good but, here, I'm sitting and here I wait. Tony’s like a father to me, he's aging anyway, nobody, here, needs to be considered too much young.

Time crossed our lives more and more than once and it will do again eventually but, capisci, this is nothing to fear, it's like things go nowadays. I’m good at cleaning Sir, should I begin working for you? I would make those cleanings, in fact, impeccable, in fact, I’m a pro. You will never find someone else as good as I am in this particular sector, I'm so good at cleanings, you’ll know the difference between a rookie and a Pro. I'm a Pro indeed, try me for once and you’ll get full satisfaction. I'm offering you my services and I still need this job so why not? Things go faster as we talk, we are like surfers going through time and space and we can't notice yet but stars are wiped out by our own speed. We talk now and then, today or 50 years from now. So… what would you decide Tony? Take me on the job, give me some good purpose to be and live for… forever. You can protect my money, you're better than banks, banks are knocked off every day and nobody here would knocks off Tony. Nothing to read, nothing to write ‘cos it is all in his mind. I'm good at cleanings Tony, you should try me at least once. All will be good until I have enough to give and use and master and my line don't seems to get too much closer to a flat one. Will you give me the job Tony? You know, I'm good at cleanings Sir, really good at cleanings Sir.
I’m not particularly proud about this pause, sometimes things happen faster than the way you usually expect them to be, truth is, I watched more movies and had a lot more of things moving in my mind than usual so I’m try to post what I think is essence and not appearance. Time always flows, good or...
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