white dress with a wide slit and a vertiginous neckline

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3 December 2016 - Belen Rodriguez is once again center and wins the social with a breathtaking topless posted on Instagram. A week ago the Argentine showgirl had a discussion because of the look flaunted at the final of "Tu si que vales". For the occasion, the show's conductor with Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi, Gerry Scotti and Teo Mammucari, wore a black and white dress with a wide slit and a vertiginous neckline. On social networks, there had been nothing else to talk about throughout the evening, especially for the choice of Argentina not to wear a bra.

Also this time Belen Rodriguez managed to leave everyone speechless, publishing a sexy and at the same time very elegant photo. In the shot the Argentine wears only very tight black leggings, while one arm covers the breast and with the other snaps the selfie hot. As beautiful as ever, Belen Rodriguez has collected hundreds of likes, shares and comments. As often happens for Belen, even his topless managed to drive fans crazy, but also to split.

While on the one hand many find the elegant photo and the beautiful showgirl, others believe that Belen is too exhibitionist and that the shot is vulgar. Meanwhile blue bridesmaid dress uk, Rodriguez tries to ignore the controversy and enjoys one of the most beautiful periods of his life. After the end of the marriage with Stefano De Martino and the great suffering derived from what she herself defined as "a failure", Belen has rediscovered her smile and love thanks to Andrea Iannone.

The pilot and argentina were the most talked couple of the summer and finally decided to live their story in the sunlight. More and more often the two are paparazzi during romantic outings, between tenderness, smiles and complicit looks. The relationship is going well and Belen could not be happier. To crown this magical moment in love, success at work. After the great numbers reached at "Tu si que vales", Belen Rodriguez could once again return to the helm of "Pequenos Gigantes".

you can put the pin in the center between the tips of the co

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Michelle and Barack Obama celebrate 25 years of marriage, the silver wedding. The former first lady wrote a post to her husband that is a true dedication of love: "A quarter of a century later, you are still my best friend and the most extraordinary man I know. I love you".

In a short time, the message has become viral. Thousands of comments and best wishes from the followers on the much followed Instagram page of Lady Obama and all extremely positive: "Yours is a unique and beautiful love. You are both special people ".

Michelle and Barack got married on October 3, 1992 and after two US daughters and two presidencies are still a solid, united and harmonious couple. He, just back from Toronto where he attended the Invictus Games, has not yet publicly responded to his wife. But we are certain that in the privacy of their splendid new house, he will have declared her all his love.

The two met for the first time in 1989 at a business lunch and on their first date they went to the cinema to see Spike Lee's movie Gillne.com, "Do the right thing." At first it seems that Michelle did not want to get married. The former president had confessed that he had struggled a long time to convince her: "I begged her knees several times. And in the end he gave in ". And it was endless love.

Italy is always in my plans, lately I returned often for commitments and I do not deny that one of my dreams is to see me in a beautiful country house or farm with a serene and healthier life out of the scenarios to " stars and stripes ", where those looking for work knows where to find me and I take the first plane with destination" ciak "!

Jewel brooches: on the collar

Pretty and certainly particular idea. Wearing the shirt wedding mother of the bride, preferably white, closed to the last button, you can put the pin in the center between the tips of the collar or even you can use one that unites them. Original, no?

the 100 thousand pound dress designed by Ralph

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You just boil water and if the skin is very greasy or impure add the essential oil of rosemary. After 15 minutes of suffumigi, the pores are open. At this point you can go to the scrub: the homemade one contains sugar and honey, but you can also do it with coffee powder, or yogurt and sugar. Massage and then rinse thoroughly. At this point you have to purify: a perfect mask for mixed skin is clay. Then it's time for the rinse and the tonic that closes the pores of the skin.

Four days at the event: hydration

To get full hydration after the scrub, nothing is better than a moisturizing and soothing mask that rebalances the stress given by facial cleansing. And after a veil of whey you can slip into bed dreaming of the sweet Meghan who has already prepared everything in detail, thanks to her best friend black a line cocktail dress, the fashion-beauty addicted Jessica Mulroney: the 100 thousand pound dress designed by Ralph & Russo , invitations for the 600 guests for the banquet and then for the 200 at the Frogmore House silver bridesmaid dresses under 100, the intimate party donated by the father-in-law. There will be the Spice Girls and the old friend Elton John. But maybe you forgot "something blue"! Ah no, the prince is there.

The cameras lingered and the many spectators of the event had fun reading in some expressions a bit of envy or perhaps even of disappointment for the lack of invitation to the evening reception. Normal, if it were true. The ceremony (some of which can also be seen on the Instagram profile of the royal family), in fact, showed the world the spouses in love and accomplices. So all's fine, if it were not that, even if the time has passed and life has gone on, see your ex on the wedding day is not easy for anyone. Imagine if he is a prince.

Not even William and Kate did much for her.

Diana, however, still lives in the hearts of her children, particularly Harry who repeatedly reminded his mother and said he wanted to make her proud. The former scapular of the Windsor confessed a few months ago that it took him 20 years to overcome the mourning of his late mother, when he was not even 13 years old.