Choosing Quality Sunglasses

12 maggio 2012 ore 11:51 segnala
When they need a new pair of sunglasses, many unknowing buyers simply go to the corner drug store, head for the swiveling stand, and pick out those sunglasses that are cheapest, or darkest, or look the sharpest, or fit OK without falling down on their noses, etc. Some of them have never heard of UV protection, let alone check for it on the labels.
Most think the darker the lens, the better the protection. And many buyers have no thoughts on how scratch-resistant the sunglasses' lenses are, or how sturdy the frames, and so forth. They just want to grab a pair and head for the checkout lane the quickest.
You also need to know about lens color. The darker lenses of sunglasses do not necessarily protect your eyes more than lighter colors. In fact, if the color is too dark, it will hinder your ability to see clearly from them. And if you drive, that could be quite dangerous. So you need to pick a lighter color, and as long as the label shows that they offer the UV protection you need, you are in good shape. But of course don't pick sunglasses where the lens color is too light, or else you might not be protected from the sun's glare. Gray or green are good colors to choose, for example.
If you do much shopping, you know that some sunglasses are very expensive, because of who makes them. The high profile names such as Dior and Gucci will offer higher-priced items as you know. But that doesn't mean they aren't designed with quality in mind. In fact, most of the luxury brands not only ensure 100% UV protection, but also are quite comfortable, sturdy, scratch-resistant, and are designed to last a long time. So don't discount luxury-named sunglasses; often these can be of the best quality you can find.
Also, the shape of sunglasses is more important that you think. The reason is because, if the lenses are too small, the sun's rays can sneak into the sides of your eyes. I myself have these wrap-around glasses that not only feature large lenses, but little lenses on the side. I admit they look a little weird, but when I'm driving they work great, so who cares? Then again, I don't like these itty-bitty sunglasses; you know the kind, with super-small lenses that offer no protection and frankly, don't even look that great. The oversized lenses are so much better, offer maximum protection from the sun, and can be extremely fashionable and stylish.
If you take all the steps mentioned above, you can be assured of having yourself a fine pair of quality sunglasses. The pair you get will give ultimate protection against the harmful suns rays, will guard against glare, and might just last a lifetime. Oh and they will probably look good too!