IWC - Precise Wristwatches

09 dicembre 2010 ore 11:20 segnala
History of IWC began in 1868 when Florence A.Jones, an outstanding watchmaker and an engineer founded his manufacture in 1868. The IWC owner intended to release timekeepers in huge quantities. Florence A. Jones introduced mechanization of production of timekeepers that turned out to be very profitable. In spite of mechanized production, IWC watches were not a bit worse than watch models by other companies. Fame of IWC timekeepers was truly fantastic, since these wristwatches were up to the requirements of the most demanding connoisseurs. Now the company has a great number of of fans in all over the world who do like the brilliant IWC timekeepers. The brand releases a fantastic variety timepieces - both very complicated timekeepers and much simpler wristwatch models. The greatest IWC watches are made by individual orders. These watches are very complicated, they feature a great number of complications that are very much liked by most demanding watch connoisseurs. Being truly unique timekeepers, these IWC watches cost very much. If you are interested in cheaper watches, than have a look at such cute watches by IWC as the Da Vinci model and the Novenceto wristwatch model. The Porshe design timekeeper by IWC is considered the most successful timepiece by this company. Wristwatches from this collection are made from the best materials, such as titanium and metal-ceramics. IWC watch models are very much popular with aviators. In 1940 the brand started release\development of The Big Pilot's Watch, a great watch for flyers. If you like small timepieces, than this watch model is not for you, since this is the heaviest IWC wristwatch model. Watch models for aviators must be very precise and this model really corresponds the strictest requirements. Presently IWC presents the Pilot's Watch Classic wristwatch collection that comprises five great watch models. All the timekeepers feature sapphire crystal and anti-magnetic inside case that is made of soft steel. The Portuguese Tourbillon Hand Wind became a bright novelty of 2010. This excellent wristwatch is crafted from pink gold. As you guess, the model possesses a hand winding movement. The model features a flying tourbillion. The model features a beautifully designed strap that is made from alligator leather.

Timepieces From Patek Philippe - Elegant And Precise

06 dicembre 2010 ore 11:36 segnala
Patek Philippe is considered manufacturer of the world's most complicated mechanical timepieces. PP breaks all price records - its timepieces are sold at auctions at truly great prices. The wristwatch collection by Patek Philippe is considered to be one of the hugest in the world. As you see, this company is a really great watch company. PP has achieved such a great success thanks to a simple reason - the company always tries to make its wristwatches better. The main aim of the company is to make its watches perfectly accurate. Being eager to make their watches even more accurate, professionals from Patek Philippe improved the Gyromax balance. As the result they achieved really perfect accuracy of its wristwatches. With the same purpose Patek Philippe replaced rounded gear wheels with triangular wheels. Timepieces from the popular Gondolo collection are equipped with all these fantastic features. This awesome collection presents such a awesome watch model as the Reference 5131 with annual calendar. The Reference 5131 also features moon phase indicator. The wristwatch features the new Caliber 324/205 that can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back of the timepiece. The greatest watches by PP are exposed at the PP museum. More than 1000 PP wristwatches are exposed to the attention of viewers at the museum. Men do love timepieces by Patek Philippe and women adore them too. One of the best women's watches by Patek Philippe is undoubtedly the First Ladies Chronograph Ref.70171. This watch model is not only very beautiful, the model is very complicated as well. The case of the watch is made of rose gold. 136 diamonds that encrust the bezel make the timepiece look really awesome. Due to sapphire crystal back you have a fantastic chance to see the best quality movement of the First Ladies Chronograph Ref.70171. There is a hand winding movement. The movement of the watch features a power reserve of 65 hours. Enjoy elegance and accuracy of a truly luxurious wristwatch by PP!

Santos and Other Cute Watch Collections From Cartier

23 novembre 2010 ore 14:46 segnala
History of Cartier watches began more than an age ago when the Cartier founder assembled his first wristwatch model for his friend. The watch got the name Santos after Louis Cartier's friend Albert Santos Dumont. In 2004 the company celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Santos collection and made the great Santos 100 wristwatch model. Santos is the favorite model of many Cartier fans. This was Albert Dumont who made the fantastic Santos wristwatch model so well known. Since Santos Dumont was a son of a millionare, he was one of the most well known persons in France. Albert Dumont drew attention of public by his bright appearance and provoking behavior. Albert Dumont was fond of aviation and some day Dumont asked Louis Cartier to make a wristwatch, that could be used without taking it out of the pocket, because hands of a pilot are always on the steering wheel. Cartier agreed to create such a watch, since he was a very brave person. As the result the legendary Santos watch model entered the market. The watch soon got a great popularity not only with aviators, but with all others as well. The Santos is a very rich collection that offers a great variety of models. Since Cartier is not only a watch company, but a jewelry house as well, Cartier watches are luxurious. The New Santos 100 wristwatch model impresses by its big size. Though the watch model is very big, it is considered an elegant watch and it is very much loved by watch connoisseurs. All other Cartier watch collections are also great. Choice of a Cartier wrist watch is not an easy matter, because Cartier offers a big assortment of wristwatch models and each of these wristwatch models is really great.

Alain Silberstein Timepieces - Everyone Loves Them

17 novembre 2010 ore 12:16 segnala
Alain Silberstein is popular in the entire world, though thistrademark has quite a short history in comparison with other well known brands. Timekeepers by Alain Silberstein are liked for their fantastic accuracy and their unusual design due to which these wristwatches look brilliant. The trademark was established in 1986 by Alain Silberstein. Watches by the new company were very much welcomed by both ordinary people and watch makers. A watch by AS cannot be confused with a timekeeper by any other company, since Alain Silberstein wristwatches feature very bright clown-like design. In 1990 the company focused on development of automatic chronographs with perpetual calendar and tourbillion. Being an outstanding watchmaker, Alain Silberstein considers every minute detail of a timekeeper important, so he makes up new original mechanical wristwatch models. Presently fans of Alain Silberstein have a fantastic choice - the company offers a number of watch collections that include wristwatches of top quality. In 2008 Alain Silberstein released the outstanding Basic collection with the ETA 2836-2 caliber. The timepieces are made of titanium, there are lots of color versions. Like all other wristwatches from Alain Silberstein these possess a very bright dial. There is a watch model decorated with mouse, there is a watch model adorned with a Cupid and also there are many other wristwatch models that are truly worth appraisal. Like many other timekeepers by Alain Silberstein, these watches have clown-like designed hands. Do pay your attention to the Krono Bauhaus and the Marine collections - these are truly fantastic. These collections include titanium watches. Watches from these watch collections have the Valjoux 7751 caliber. The brilliant Papaya watch model was presented in 2008. This watch is characterized by a very interesting design– it is adorned with leather insertion that look very interesting. Technical characteristics of the watch comprise the STT movement and tourbillion. The case of the timekeeper is made from stainless steel, the timekeeper comes with an alligator leather strap. The case back of the wristwatch possesses a transparent window through which the movement can be admired. Alain Silberstein has recently presented the great Marine Smileday Bronze. Like all other timekeepers by AS this model has a clown-like design. The movement of the timekeeper is automatic. The case of the watch is made from titanium while the strap is made from rubber. Only 999 pieces of this model are available.

Hublot - 20 Years Of Fame

26 ottobre 2010 ore 15:25 segnala
Carlo Crocco developed his first wristwatch in 1980, this was the first watch with natural rubber bracelet, since that time timepieces by Hublot are popular in the whole world, since its timepieces do differ from watches by other brands. Wristwatches by Hublot are truly fantastic wristwatches, their design and movements astonish by real excellence. In 1985 the excellent Plongeur Professional watch was offered. Owing to its fantastic water resistance (to 300 m) this timekeeper is a very good wristwatch model for divers. The watch immediately became famous, and not only with divers, also with everyone who loves truly unusual timepieces of excellent quality. In 1987 Hublot offered its first chronograph with Piguet movement of the best quality. 1991 is the year when Hublot started using the ETA 2892 caliber in all its automatic watches. Also in 1991 Hublot presented the Hublot Service automatic chronograph. In 2000 the company offered many brilliant models, such as the Grand Quantieme watch model with unusually designed dial and Elegant Lady watch model - an awesome wristwatch adorned with gems. 2002 was marked by Chrono SuperB wristwatch model that featured a tachometric scale and buttons coated with rubber. One more great version of the Chrono SuperB watch model was presented in 2003, this is a really fantastic timekeeper that has a pink gold or a two tone case. One more cute novelty of 2003 is the Elegant 1910 wristwatch that possesses brilliant design and that is crafted from very unusual materials. The Urushi watch also was offered in 2003, this timekeeper looks fantastic, it comes in 5 versions with different patterns. The Big Bang watch that is justly considered to be one of the greatest wristwatches by Hublot also was released in 2003. Fans of the company do not have to wait for novelties, the brand every year offers new fantastic novelties. One of the cutest novelties of this year is the King Power Mexico watch that was offered in honor of 200th year anniversary of Mexico. The timepiece has a very bright and peculiarly designed dial. The case is 48 mm in diameter. There is a titanium version and a gold version, also the model includes rubber and other materials. The dial of the model is protected with sapphire crystal. The movement is the HUB4201 with power reserve of 42 hours. The timepiece is available in a limited edition -50 pieces in gold and 150 pieces in ceramics. Also in the current year Hublot released the great King Power Tourbillon Manufacture watch. The timepiece possesses a 48 mm case that is made from microblasted ceramics, rubber and titanium with PVD coating. Movement - HUB6002 that has power reserve of 120 hours. The model costs $160?000, but this is a true masterpiece that deserves your attention!

IWC - Watches That Correspond The Strictest Demands

15 ottobre 2010 ore 16:21 segnala
IWC is a very old brand, it was established in 1868 by Florence A.Jones, who was a clock maker and an engineer. Being a businessman, the brand's establisher wanted to produce huge editions of excellent quality timepieces. Florence A. Jones introduced mechanization of production of timekeepers that turned out to be profitable. Thus IWC began mass production of the highest quality wristwatches. Due to their beautiful design and impeccable reliability, IWC watch models became very successful. Today IWC has a great number of of fans in the entire world who do like the brilliant IWC watches. The assortment of IWC timekeepers is really great, IWC's catalogue comprises a great number of attractive models. IWC produces very complicated watch models by individual orders. These watches are not justtimekeepers, these are true chef-d'oeuvres that amaze by their impeccability. Of course such wristwatch models are fantastically expensive. If you like less expensive watch models, than get familiar with such great wristwatches by IWC as the Da Vinci model and the Novenceto watch model. The Porshe design timekeeper by IWC is known as the most famous wristwatch by this company. This watch collection comprises watches that are crafted from the highest quality materials, such as titanium and metal-ceramics. IWC releases great watch models for aviators. Since 1940 IWC has been producing big aviation model The Big Pilot's Watch, created according to military technical requirements. This is the heaviest IWC watch model, the watch is intended for brave men. Quality of this watch model is truly excellent, since a flyer needs a watch that will never fail him. Today the company makes 5 Pilot's watches Big Pilot's Watch, Double Chronograph, Chronograph Automatic and Mark XVI, Midsize. All the watches possess sapphire crystal and anti-magnetic inside case that is made from soft steel. The Portuguese Tourbillon Hand Wind became a fantastic novelty of this year. The Portuguese Tourbillon Hand Wind is made of pink gold. The timepiece has a hand winding movement with power reserve of 54 hours. Among great features of this watch model is the flying tourbillion. The strap of the timepiece is crafted from crocodile leather.

Bvlgari - The Most Luxurious Timekeepers

12 ottobre 2010 ore 15:30 segnala
If you like really luxurious watches, than you will certainly like watches by Bvlgari. Bvlgari is an old watch manufacturer and during more than 100 years the company has been proving that its jewelry and wristwatches are ones of the greatest in the world. Catalogue of Bvlgari comprises very elegantmen's and women's wristwatches, however, you must not think that beauty is the only characteristic that makes watches by Bvlgari great. Every Bvlgari wristwatch is a work of art that combines beauty and perfect accuracy. Watches by Bvlgari are very reliable due to their top quality movements, all of them have sapphire crystals and all of them are waterproof. It is easy to purchase a Bvlgari watch, because timekeepers by this outstanding watch houseare sold in the whole world. In 2009 the company celebrated its 125th anniversary and produced the fantastic wristwatch collection Sotrio dedicated to the brand's founder Sotrio Bvlgari. Watches from this watch collection feature in-house movements of the top quality. Sotrio models are made of gold: white, yellow or pink, and each version of this model comes in a limited edition. Among lots of models produced by Bvlgari in 2010, there is the brilliant Serpenti wristwatch model that impresses by its impeccable beauty. The crown of the watch is adorned with a tourmaline, while the bezel has 38 sparkling gemstones. The model hasthe Tubogas bracelet, created by the company in the middle of the previous century. Reliability of the Serpenti model is provided by the Bvlgari B033 movement. One more fantastic novelty of this year is the Octo Bi-Retro Steel Ceramic watch model. The watch comes with an octagonal case that measures 43 mm in diameter. The case is made of stainless steel, while the bezel is made from black ceramics. There is an onyx that adorns the crown of the timepiece. Movement of the watch - GG7722 caliber, power reserve - 45 hours.

Chopard - Fantastic Elegance

23 settembre 2010 ore 10:46 segnala
Are you interested in unique wristwatches that are released in limited editions? If you are, than no doubt, you will be astonished by Chopard watches. Timepieces by Chopard are really brilliant, especially those its wristwatches that come in limited editions. In 2003 designers from Chopard decided to invent a new tourbillion. Just one year was enough to invent and to produce the new watch model. This is the Steel Wing watch that is characterized by spectacular stainless steel case and especial construction of tourbillion. The wristwatch was released in a limited edition of 30 pieces only. During a very long time Chopard had been considered to be a manufacturer of spectacular wristwatches, however, the manufacturer wished to be recognized as a serious manufacturer of high quality timepieces and they achieved their aim with the L.U.C. 1.96 caliber. The caliber was named L.U.C. 1.96 in favorem of the company's founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard and the figures mean the year when the caliber was presented. The wristwatch is C.O.S.C certificated and this means recognition of its highest quality. The L.U.C collection, that is popular as one of the best collections by Chopard, includes a fantastic range of watches - beginning with luxurious classic wristwatches and ending with sports versions. Quattro is one of the best watch models from the L.U.C collection, the watch has a manual winding movement and power reserve of 180 hours. The model has peculiar movement with 4 barrel drums. Only about one hundred of wristwatch models of L.U.C Quattro were presented. All of these wristwatches have pink or platinum case and certainly, all of them are fantastically expensive, so first of all these wristwatches attract attention of rich people. Eszeha is one more nice wristwatch by Chopard that is available in a limited edition. This timepiece has an elegant gold case and is equipped with the L.U.C 3.96 caliber. Every wristwatch by Chopard is a chef-d'oeuvre, that is why Chopard wristwatches are considered to be ones of the most fantastic in the world. Chopard makes timepieces for persons for whom each detail matters.

Every Wristwatch by Chronoswiss Is A Masterpiece

16 settembre 2010 ore 10:44 segnala
History of Chronoswiss started in 1983 when G.R Lang launched this fantastic enterprise that now is famous in the whole world as a manufacturer of really fantastic wristwatches. The name of the brand has two worlds "chrono" that means "time" in Greek and "swiss" - the motherland of mechanical watches. The company's director does his best to make his wristwatches as great as Swiss watches by other popular enterprises and even greater. The greatest thing is that lots of people are of opinion that Chronoswiss is an old brand, however, this is far from the truth. Chronoswiss is a young company, however, owing to its top quality timepieces it is popular in the whole world, as well known as old and outstanding Swiss brands. Every single watch by Chronoswiss is a work of art that deserves the best epithets. Do get familiar with the Chronoscope model, it is known as one of the greatest wristwatches by Chronoswiss. This watch model, like all other wristwatches by Chronoswiss amazes by its design and top quality movement. This nice watch is equipped with the Enicar 165 movement that is used only in Chronoswiss wristwatches. In 2009 Audi celebrated its 100th anniversary and Chronoswiss released the fantastic Tachoscope watch model. The greatest features of the wristwatch is the tachometric scale and its peculiarly designed dial. The watch possesses a high movement that was developed by Chronoswiss specially for this wristwatch model. The watch model is offered in a limited edition and comes in two versions - gold and material. Comes in a wooden box. Together with the timepiece itself the set also comprises a magnifier and a screwdriver. Designer bureau of Audi took part in the process of creation of this great wristwatch. The fantastic Edition Zeitzeichen VII wristwatch model that also deserves your attention was released in 2009. This model features a brilliant design that amazes by its excellence. The case of the watch model is decorated with dragon that makes the wristwatch look very beautiful. Like all Chronoswiss wristwatches, this watch is powered by a top quality movement, the manual winding ETA 6498 -1. The case of the wristwatch measures 44 mm in diameter and it is crafted from pink or white gold. The movement of the watch can be seen though the skeletonized dial. In this year Chronoswiss released the new version of its famous Opus - the skeletonized automatic Opus Chronograph and Grand Opus Chronograph. The wristwatches possess the DLC coating that makes them black. Like all other Chronoswiss wristwatches, the new model has screw-down bezel, screw-down polished case back and a solid metal onion-style crown. The hands in different versions red or luminous white. You will love this fantastic watch model like all other Chronoswiss wristwatches!

Great Watches From IWC

07 settembre 2010 ore 16:23 segnala
History of IWC began in 1868 when Florence A.Jones, a great clock maker and an engineer established his company in 1868. Being a clever person, the IWC establisher wanted to produce big editions of excellent quality watches. Florence A. Jones introduced mechanization of production of timepieces that turned out to be very profitable. In spite of mechanized production, IWC timekeepers were not a bit worse than timekeepers by other watch manufacturers. Success of IWC watch models was truly enormous, as these wristwatches were up to the requirements of the most demanding connoisseurs. Presently IWC is considered one of the most outstanding watch manufacturers. The brand presents a great assortment timepieces - both very complicated watch models and much simpler models. Among IWC timekeepers there are really great models that are released by individual orders. These watches are not justwatches, these are genuine chef-d'oeuvres that amaze by their excellence. Being really exclusive watch models, these IWC watches cost very much. Among simpler wristwatch models the most interesting ones are the following - the Da Vinci model and the Novenceto wristwatch model that is released in an assortment of versions. The Porshe design timekeeper by IWC is considered to be the most successful timepiece by this trademark. Watches from this watch collection are made from the most durable materials, such as titanium and metal-ceramics. IWC watches are very much liked by aviators. In 1940 IWC began production of The Big Pilot's Watch, a high quality timepiece for aviators. This is the hugest IWC watch model, the watch is made for brave men. Watches for pilots must be very accurate and this one truly corresponds the strictest requirements. Today IWC produces the Pilot's Watch Classic watch collection that includes 5 great watch models. Pilot's wristwatches by IWC are waterproof to 60 m. One of the brightest novelties of this year is the brilliant Portuguese Tourbillon Hand Wind watch model. This classic wristwatch is crafted from pink gold. The watch has a manual-winding movement with power reserve of 54 hours. Among nice peculiar features of this watch is the flying tourbillion. The strap of the model is crafted from alligator leather.