Hamilton - Timekeepers For People Who Are Fond Of Cinema

20 agosto 2010 ore 16:36 segnala
Hamilton, the enterprise that is popular in all over the world for its outstanding watches, was established in 1892 in Lancaster. The first watch by this company was the Broadway Limited pocket watch owing to which the number of accidents at American railways diminished considerably. In the 1920s the brand became the official supplier of watches to American army. Up to the World War II Hamilton had been producing timepieces for both wide audience and for army, however, the World War II began and Hamilton focused on development of military timekeepers only. In the end of the 20th century Hamilton joined the Swatch group that moved Hamilton office and factory to Switzerland. Hamilton releases beautiful and accurate timepieces, however, this enterprise does differ from other manufacturers of top quality watches. Wristwatches by Hamilton can be seen in many famous Hollywood films, this company is associated with cinema like no other manufacturer of timepieces. Hamilton timepieces are really brilliant timepieces whose any detail is truly excellent. Professionals from Hamilton do their best to make Hamilton wristwatches well known in America as well as in all over the world. In the catalogue of Hamilton you will find a wide assortment of watches whose design and quality is truly impeccable. Here are the most famous Hamilton watches: Ardmore. This watch models look very luxurious thanks to their gold or stainless steel rectangular case. The watch was released in 1937. There is a black or silver dial and a stylish leather strap that makes the timepiece look especially cute. With this wristwatch model you will always look terrific, no matter what outfit you have. The Ardmore collection has both wristwatches for men and for women. Boulton. The Boulton watch was offered in 1941. The main peculiarity of this model is its stylish shape that does attract attention of everyone. Khaki. This is a well known lineage of military watches that was offered during the World War II. This this lineage you will find a great range of watches and each of these watches is really awesome. The Khaki watch is intended for people who like unusually looking watch with military design. Ventura. Thanks to this watch Hamilton is so well known, it is really brilliant! The first Ventura watch model with electronic movement was presented in 1957. Now Ventura wristwatches are equipped with quartz movements. In 2004 Hamilton developed the Ventura Diamond lineage that comprised men's and women's watches adorned with gems. Hamilton timepieces are liked by everyone, they are brilliant!

The Fantastic Cartier Santos Watch

10 agosto 2010 ore 10:38 segnala
More than an age ago the French jeweler Cartier has made his first wristwatch model that was produced as a gift for friend. The first Cartier wristwatch was the Santos watch model that was called so after Albert Santos Dumont, a friend of the well known jeweler. 6 years ago the brand released the Santos100 model in honor of the 100th anniversary of the legendar Santos wristwatch collection. Santos is known as one of the greatest Cartier wristwatch models. This was Dumont who made the great Santos watch model so popular. Dumont was a son of a millionare, he was a famous person. Albert Dumont drew attention of public by his glamorous appearance and eccentric behavior. As Albert Dumont was crazy about aviation, he wished to have a wristwatch that is comfortable to use in air and Santos Dumont asked Louis Cartier to create such a timekeeper. Being a friend of Albert Dumont and an enthusiastic person Cartier began developing the new timepiece. As the result Cartier invented a truly awesome wristwatch. Santos watch model was very popular, first of all, due to its cute design and impeccable preciseness and secondly owing to Dumont who advertized it. The Santos is a very rich collection that offers a great variety of watch models. Timepieces by Cartier are of high quality and beauty does astonish. The new Santos 100 watch model looks uncommon owing to its big case. In spite of so big size the watch looks awesome and enjoys great popularity. Together with Santos Cartier presents a big range of other great watch collections. All Cartier watches are impeccable, that is why it is hard to opt for one.

Bvlgari- Look Stylish, Observe the Time

03 agosto 2010 ore 11:32 segnala
If you like really beautifully designed wristwatches, than you will undoubtedly adore watches by Bvlgari. The company was founded more than 100 years ago and during all this time the brand has been impressing the whole world by its fantastic jewelry and wristwatches. Bvlgari makes very beautiful timepieces for men and women, however, impeccable look is not the most important characteristic of Bvlgari wristwatches. Every Bvlgari wristwatch is a work of art that combines beauty and impeccable reliability. A Bvlgari wristwatch is a watch of the best quality, since all Bvlgari timepieces have waterproof cases and also the imepieces have Swiss movements and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. It is easy to get a Bvlgari wristwatch model, since wristwatches by this famous watch houseare sold in the whole world. In 2009 the company celebrated its 125th anniversary and released the fantastic watch collection Sotrio dedicated to the company's establisher Sotrio Bvlgari. Watches from this collection are equipped with in-house movements of the best quality. Sotrio wristwatches are made of gold: white, yellow or pink, and each version of this model comes in a limited edition. Among lots of watch models presented by Bvlgari in current year, there is the outstanding Serpenti wristwatch model that impresses by its fantastic look. The crown of the model is encrusted with a tourmaline, while the bezel features 38 sparkling diamonds. The watch hasthe Tubogas bracelet, developed by the brand in the middle of the XX century. Preciseness of the Serpenti model is provided by the Bvlgari B033 movement. One more cute novelty of this year is the Octo Bi-Retro Steel Ceramic wristwatch model. The watch looks peculiar thanks to its octagonal case that measures 43 mm in diameter. Two materials are used in this watch - stainless steel out of which the case is made and ceramics - the bezel. The model looks fantastic thanks to onyx that adorns the crown. The Octo Bi-Retro Steel Ceramic model is equipped with the GG7722 caliber with power reserve of 45 hours.

Awesome Wristwatch Models By Jacob & Co

29 luglio 2010 ore 12:04 segnala
Watches from Jacob & Co cannot be confused with timepieces from any other brand, as these timepieces do look unusual. If you like bright accessories that catch attention of everyone, than certainly, watches byJacob and Co are made for you. These really awesome watches are released by Jacob Co � the famous company whose jewelry and wristwatches impress the whole world by their luxury. Though Jacob and Co is a very world known trademark, it has quite a short history � it was launched in 1986 by Jacob Arabo. Jewelry and watches fromJacob and Co very soon caught attention of famous people and soon Jacob Arabo products became a real symbol of luxury. Stars do like Jacob and Co timepieces, for example such stars as Ozzy Osbourne, Naomi Campbell and Beckham. One of the most famous Jacob Co watch collections is The Five Time Zone wristwatch collection that comprises really peculiar timepieces. The Five Time Zone model is not a simple watch, this watch displays time in Five time big citiesof the planet! The Five Time Zone timepieces impress by their beautiful design, they attract attention of everyone. Since Jacob Arabo is a jeweler, almost all its wristwatches are adorned with gemstones and The Five Time Zone wristwatches as well. The Five Time Zone timepieces are available in a fantastic range of colors. An owner of a Five Time Zone watch can choose the color of the strap, as these timepieces come with 4 adjustable straps of 4 different colors. The catalogue of Jacob & Co comprises a great range of watches each of whom is a perfect wristwatch of the highest quality. Do not think that Jacob & Co wristwatches are great only thanks to their luxury, no, these watches are equipped with movements of the best quality. A Jacob & Co timepiece is a great watch for a connoisseur who would like to be always in time. Jacob Co watches are beautiful and accurate, these wristwatches are really impeccable!

Patek Philippe - Accuracy That Amazes

22 luglio 2010 ore 13:14 segnala
Patek Philippe releases the world's most complicated timepieces, this fact is known to all Patek Philippe fans. Patek Philippe breaks all price records - its wristwatches are sold at auctions at really enormously prices. Patek Philippe releases watches for everyone, as its collection includes a fantastic assortment of high quality watches. Patek Philippe does deserve respect. The greatest thing is that PP always strives for the highest quality, The company continuously improves its timepieces, though PP watches seem to be truly perfect. The brand has the goal - to produce the world's most precise wristwatches. Being eager to make their watches even more accurate, professionals from Patek Philippe improved the Gyromax balance. Finally they achieved really perfect preciseness of its watches. One more fantastic improvement - designers changed the shape of gear wheels and the wheels became triangular. Wristwatches from the popular Gondolo collection have all these great features. This fantastic collection comprises such a cute watch model as the Reference 5131 with annual calendar. The watch also has moon phase indicator. The wristwatch is equipped with the Caliber 324/205 and a case back with crystal through which the brilliant movement of the timepiece can be seen. Timepieces by PP are real chef-d'oeuvres, that is why the company launched its Patek Philippe museum. PP museum offers more than 1000 unique Patek Philppe wristwatches. Together with truly fantastic men's wristwatches, Patek Philippe produces really luxurious watches for ladies. One of the greatest women's watches by Patek Philippe is certainly the First Ladies Chronograph Ref.70171. This watch model is considered one of the most luxurious and the most complicated PP timepieces. The Ladies Chronograph Ref. 70171 features a very beautiful case that is crafted from rose gold. The timepiece is very luxurious - its bezel is adorned with 136 diamonds. Due to sapphire crystal back you have a nice possibility to admire the impeccable movement of the watch. Patek Philippe equipped this watch with a hand winding movement. Power reserve of the First Ladies Chronograph Ref. 70171 is 65 hours. Enjoy elegance and accuracy of a really brilliant watch by Patek Philippe!

Brilliant Timekeepers by A. Lange and Sohne

22 luglio 2010 ore 09:54 segnala
In the start of the 1990's a the world of timepieces was astonished by resurrection of the famous A. Lange & Sohne company. Collectors and other persons who adore elegant timepieces of the best quality were very happy to welcome the new A. Lange & Sohne watches. The first watch collection of 1994 included only 4 wristwatch models - the Lange 1, that now is produced in cases of 3 different diameters, the Arkade, Saxonia and the Pour IT Merite model with tourbillion that now is not released. Some time later such a great wristwatch model as the Cabaret Langematic was released. In the end of the 20th century the brand produced the fantastic Datorgaph wristwatch model with a lot of great functions, such as fly-back, big date and other functions. Then A. Lange and Sohne released its first wristwatch with perpetual calendar called the Datograph. This timepiece is characterized by a button that allows to control all indications of the wristwatch. Every collector of really great wristwatches wants to own the brilliant Luna Mundi set that includes 2 wristwatch models. The timepiecees from this set are different, but both watches feature the Lange 1 case and both of these models are quite big. Moonphase of one of the wristwatches from this set called Luna Mundi/Southern displays the Southern Hemisphere, the wristwatch is made from red gold. The Northern Hemisphere is shown by the moonphase of the Luna Mundi/Ursa Major watch that is made of gold. Last year A. Lange & Sohne released the Lange 1 Daymatic with the new L021.1 caliber that possesses 67 jewels. This classic watch model is a truly brilliant wristwatch, whose every detail is of the highest quality. The watch model comes a few versions - one is made from yellow gold, one is made of pink gold and also there is a platinum version of the Lange 1 Daymatic wristwatch model. The elegant dial of the watch features a special coating. Roman numerals make the timepiece look especially beautiful. The wristwatch features an additional dial for seconds. Like all other A. Lange & Sohne wristwatches, this watch is waterproof to 30 meters. The watch possesses a very luxurious strap that is made from crocodile leather as well as a buckle that is made from gold or platinum, depending on the watch model. One of the greatiest novelties of 2010 is the 1815 Moonphase Homage model. The wristwatch is made of pink gold. The watch has a manual winding movement, caliber L943.2. This wristwatch will undoubtedly draw attention of those who like classic wristwatch of the greatest quality.

Roger Dubuis - Limited Edition Timekeepers Of Fantastic Quality

15 luglio 2010 ore 15:13 segnala
Watch company Roger Dubuis was registered in 1995. You realize, the brand is very young, however, the brand managed to get incredible popularity. So what makes timepieces by this company so great? It stands to mention, that all RD watchesare produced in limited editions. It is great that every single watch by Roger Dubuis has the prestigious Poincon de Geneve. If you do not know what the Poincon de Geneve is, than you certainly wonder what it means. Actually more than a century and a half lots of watch companies released watches outside the capital of the Switzerland, however, the cutest watches were produced in the capital of Switzerland. The Poincon de Geneve was intended to protect the capital of Switzerland brands. A timepiece with the Poincon de Geneve is a timekeeper of the highest possible quality. All Roger Dubuis movements possess this seal. The main distinctive feature of Roger Dubuis wristwatches is he patented bi-retrograde indicators of date and the day of week. As soon as Roger Dubuis was founded it was evident that the company will have a fantastic future. Watches by Roger Dubuis are technically excellent and very elegant. Watch connoisseurs think that the best wristwatch collections of RD are the Sympathie and the Hommage. The Sympathie wristwatch collection offers wristwatches with square cases, while wristwatches from the Homamage collection feature classic rounded cases. Easydiver is one more great watch collection of RD. Easydiver timepieces have elements of sports design and at the same time these wristwatches are adorned with gems. Such an interesting combination makes watches from the Easydiver wristwatch collection look really cute. An Easydiver watch is a thin timekeeper with Arabic numerals. In this year Roger Dubuis presented one more great Easydiver model that has only 40 mm in diameter, but looks much more massive. This watch will definitely catch attention of a woman who likes jewelry wristwatches, since the timepiece is encrusted with 36 gems. Being made for divers, the Easydiver watch is waterproof to 300 meters. The movement of the watch is the RD821. Like all other watches by Roger Dubuis, this one is marked with the Poincon de Geneve. Only 888 wristwatches of this watch model are available.

Excellent Design of Alain Silberstein Timekeepers

14 luglio 2010 ore 10:53 segnala
Though Alain Silberstein is a young trademark, it is famous in the entire world. Timekeepers by Alain Silberstein impress by their technical impeccability and very interesting design. The company was established in 1986 by Alain Silberstein. The very first timekeepers by AS gained appraisal of professionals as well as of ordinary people. Watches by Alain Silberstein look very peculiar due to their bright clown-like design. In 1990 the brand focused on release of automatic chronographs with perpetual calendar and tourbillion. Silberstein pays attention not only to design, but he also makes up new original mechanical watches. Presently the company has lots of collections and each of these collections is truly great. The Basic watch collection that was released in 2008 comprises wristwatches based on the ETA 2836-2 caliber. The watches are crafted from titanium, there are some color versions. Thanks to their interesting design watches from the Basic collection look truly terrific. There is a watch model decorated with mouse, there is a watch adorned with a Cupid and also there are many other watch models that are truly worth attention. All watches from this collection have bright hands that are similar to a clown's cap. Such watch collections as the Krono Bauhaus and the Marine are also cute. The wristwatches are made of titanium. Thanks to the top quality Valjoux 7751 caliber these timekeepers are very precise. Those who love bright wristwatches, will certainly like the fantastic Papaya watch model. This watch is characterized by a very interesting design– it is decorated with leather insertion that look very pretty. This cute watch model is equipped with the STT movement and tourbillion. The case of the watch is made from stainless steel, the wristwatch comes with an alligator leather strap. The case back of the timekeeper is transparent. One of the nicest novelties of 2010 with the Marine Smileday Bronze. Like all other wristwatches by Alain Silberstein this one features is characterized by a clown-like design. The movement of the timekeeper is automatic. The timekeeper features a case that is crafted from titanium and a strap that is made of rubber. The timekeeper comes in a limited edition of 999 pieces only.

Santos by Cartier - A Famous Model

06 luglio 2010 ore 11:48 segnala
More than 100 years ago the French jeweler Cartier has manufactured his first wristwatch model that was made as a gift for friend. The friend of the jeweler was the great Alberto Santos - Dumont, so the wristwatch that was made from stainless steel got the name Santos. 6 years ago the brand made the Santos100 model in honor of the 100th anniversary of the legendar Santos collection. Santos is the favorite watch model of many Cartier admirers. This was Santos Dumont who made the brilliant Santos wristwatch model so popular. Since Santos Dumont was a son of a millionare, he was one of the most popular persons in Paris. His unusual outfit and provocative behavior always made him the center of attention. Santos Dumont was fond of aviation and some day Dumont asked Louis Cartier to make a wristwatch, that could be used without taking it out of the pocket, as hands of a pilot are always on the steering wheel. Being a friend of Albert Santos Dumont and a professional Cartier began developing the new timekeeper. As the result Louis Cartier created a really awesome wristwatch. Santos very soon got a great recognition not only with pilots, but with others as well. Today the Santos collection offers a big variety of watch models and each of these watch models is impeccability itself. Since Cartier is not only a timepiece company, but a jewelry house as well, Cartier timepieces are beautifully designed. The new Santos 100 is a very big timepiece. In spite of so big size the Santos 100 model looks cute and enjoys enormous demand. Santos is a great Cartier collection and together with this watch collection there are lots of other nice Cartier watch collections whose design and accuracy are really great. All Cartier watches are brilliant, that is why it is hard to opt for one.

The Impeccable Quality of Breguet Wristwatches.

24 giugno 2010 ore 12:14 segnala
Breguet, that is known as one of the most outstanding watch brands was opened by Abracham-Louis Breguet - the greatest watch-maker in the history of horology. Breguet is adored in the whole world for its truly awesome watches that amaze by their excellence. Both ordinary people and famous people adore Breguet wristwatches and the brand is proud of the fact that among its admirers there are many people whose names are known all around the world. In 1999 the company joined the Swatch Group, nevertheless this did not influence the quality of Breguet wristwatches, Breguet wristwatches remain as good as watches made by the company’s founder. All Breguet watches have their individual numbers, because quality control at Breguet is very strict. Breguet presents to your attention a great variety of models. Presently Breguet has three wristwatch collections– Classic, Marine and Type XX Aeronavale. Classic is a watch collection of watches with classic design and thin case. Watches from this watch collection are characterized by a big number of additional functions. All watches from this collection are up to the strictest demands of quality. If you love classic design, than you will undoubtedly adore wristwatches from the Classic collection. If you want an elegant and a waterproof timepiece, Than do pay your attention to watches from the Marine watch collection by Breguet. A wristwatch from the Marine collection is characterized by big waterproof case and a screw-in crown. Marine watches are made for divers as well as for anyone who prefers waterproof watches. Together with men’s watches, the Marine wristwatch collection comprises very cute female wristwatchesencrusted with gems. The Type XX Aeronavalle is a wristwatch collection that was produced in order to show the historical connection between aeronautic science and watches. The whole range of models Type XX Aeronavale was produced in 1995, however, the first timekeepers from this collection were developed in 1950. In 2010 the company presented the brilliant Type XXII 3880 ST model. This sports wristwatch is truly great due to its many useful functions. Together with many other nice characteristics, the watch has a great frequency of 72, 000. The model has a stainless steel case that has 44mm in diameter.