IWC - Reliable Wristwatches

09 dicembre 2010 ore 10:00 segnala
History of IWC started in 1868 when Florence A.Jones, a talented watchmaker and an engineer founded his company in 1868. The brand's founder planned to produce timekeepers in huge series. Florence A. Jones managed to launch the first mechanized production timepieces and there was no watch brand at that time, that achieved such a high level in mechanization of production as IWC. Thus IWC started mass production of the highest quality watches. Thanks to their great design and perfect durability, IWC watch models became very popular. Presently IWC has millions of fans in all over the world who do love the brilliant IWC watch models. Watches by IWC are presented in a great range of watch models. Among IWC watch models there are truly great wristwatch models that are released by individual orders. These are highly complicated watches with such complications as perpetual calendar, split chronograph and other complications. A wristwatch of this kind is not so easy to purchase, such wristwatch models are fantastically expensive. Among simpler wristwatch models the cutest ones are such models as the Da Vinci model and the Novenceto model that is released in a range of versions. If you need a sports wristwatch, than the nicest choice for you is a Porshe design watch. This collection includes watches that are crafted from the highest quality materials, such as titanium and metal-ceramics. IWC releases fantastic watches for aviators. In 1940 the brand started production of The Big Pilot's Watch, a great timepiece for aviators. If you like small watches, than this model is not for you, because this is the biggest IWC watch. Quality of this timekeeper is truly impeccable, since a flyer needs a watch that will never fail him. Now IWC makes five Pilot's timekeepers Big Pilot's Watch, Double Chronograph, Chronograph Automatic and Mark XVI, Midsize Each of these timekeepers features sapphire crystal and a special steel anti-magnetic inside case. The Portuguese Tourbillon Hand Wind became a bright novelty of this year. This classic watch is crafted from pink gold. The timepiece possesses a hand-winding movement with power reserve of 54 hours. Among excellent peculiar features of this watch model is the flying tourbillion. The strap of the watch is made from alligator leather.

Hublot - Watches That Make People Punctual

20 ottobre 2010 ore 11:19 segnala
Carlo Crocco presented his first wristwatch in 1980, this was the first watch with natural rubber bracelet, since that time timepieces by Hublot are well known in the entire world, since its timepieces do differ from wristwatches by other enterprises. Hublot wristwatches amaze by their peculiar design and technical excellence. 1985 was marked by presentation of the Plongeur Professional wristwatch model. Owing to its very high water resistance (to 300 m) this watch is a fantastic wristwatch model for divers. The timepiece gained fantastic success with divers as well as with all others who like stylishly designed and accurate watches. 1987 was marked by release of the first Hublot chronograph that featured a fantastic Piguet movement. In 1991 Hublot began using the excellent ETA 2892 caliber in all its automatic wristwatches. Also in 1991 Hublot presented the Hublot Service automatic chronograph. Persons who adore jewelry watches will certainly love the Elegant Lady watch presented in 2000 that is encrusted with luxurious gems. 2002 was marked by Chrono SuperB watch that featured a tachometric scale and buttons coated with rubber. One more awesome version of the Chrono SuperB watch model was offered in 2003, this is a truly fantastic timekeeper that has a pink gold or a two tone case. 2003 was also marked by the Elegant 1910 watch model, a wristwatch that is made from unusual materials and whose design does correspond to the name of the timepiece. The Urushi watch model also was offered in 2003, this timekeeper looks luxurious, it comes in 5 versions with different patterns. In 2003 the company offered the first wristwatch with tourbillion and the Big Bang chronograph with innovative design. Every year Hublot releases new wristwatches that immediately became fantastically famous. One of the cutest novelties of the current year is the King Power Mexico watch that was offered in honor of 200th year anniversary of Mexico. The watch looks great thanks to its stylish dial. The case is 48 mm in diameter. There is a titanium version and a gold version, also the timepiece includes rubber and other materials. Like all other timepieces by Hublot, this one possesses sapphire crystal. The movement in this timekeeper, like in all other wristwatches by Hublot is of very high, this is the HUB 4201 with power reserve of 42 hours. This truly great watch comes in a limited edition. Among novelties of 2010 also there is the King Power Tourbillon Manufacture watch. The model possesses a 48 mm case that is made of microblasted ceramics, rubber and titanium with PVD coating. The model is powered by manual winding movement HUB6002 with power reserve of 120 hours. Being a true work of art, the timepiece is very expensive, it costs $160?000.

Hamilton - Prestigious Timekeepers For Adventurous People

23 settembre 2010 ore 11:19 segnala
Hamilton, the brand that is loved in the entire world for its outstanding timepieces, was launched in 1892 in Lancaster. The first Hamilton timekeeper was the Broadway Limited pocket watch that contributed much to diminishment of accidents at American railways. In the 1920 Hamilton began developing timekeepers for American army. The World War II made the company stop mass release of watches and concentrate on release of military timekeepers. In the end of the 1990s Swatch group purchased Hamilton and in 2002 the enterprise moved to Switzerland. Hamilton produces beautiful and accurate timepieces, however, this company does differ from other manufacturers of top quality timepieces. The fact is that Hamilton is closely associated with movies, many of its wristwatches can be seen in the best Hollywood movies. Hamilton watches are produced in Switzerland and these timepieces conform to the standards of Swiss made. Watch makers from Hamilton do their best to make Hamilton watches popular in America as well as in all over the world. The company presents to your attention a great range of watch models that look terrific and work impeccably. The best Hamilton wristwatches: Ardmore. This watches look very beautiful owing to their gold or stainless steel rectangular case. The first Ardmore wristwatch was presented in 1937. The model possesses a very luxurious black or silver dial and a stylish leather strap. An Ardmore timekeeper is a watch that can match both a business suit or a casual outfit. The collection includes both men's and women's watches. Boulton. This nice watch was released in 1941. Thanks to its unusual shape the wristwatch looks truly great. Khaki. This is a popular lineage of military timepieces that was released during the World War II. This this lineage you will find a great variety of watches and each of these wristwatches is really awesome. The main peculiarity of all watch models is the military design and stylishly designed Khaki strap (also there are versions that have stainless steel bracelet). Ventura. This is the most famous model by Hamilton. The first Ventura watch model with electronic movement was released in 1957. Today Ventura timepieces have quartz movements. In 2004 Hamilton developed the Ventura Diamond lineage that comprised men's and women's timepieces encrusted with gemstones. Hamilton watches are loved by everyone, they are great!

Timepieces By Chronoswiss - Beautiful Accessories, Accurate Timekeepers

08 settembre 2010 ore 15:43 segnala
G.R Lang has been heading Chronoswiss since 1983, from the very moment of establishment of this company that now is popular in all over the world. "Chrono" in the name of the brand means "time", while the word Swill is clear to any person. The second part of the name of the company is very important for for its owner, because he uses only Swiss parts and details. It is strange, but Chronoswiss seems to many people to be an old brand. Chronoswiss is a young brand, however, due to its high quality watches it is known in the entire world, as well known as old and brilliant Swiss enterprises. Chronoswiss timepieces are truly brilliant, since every single detail of a Chronoswiss watch model is perfect. One of the greatest wristwatches by Chronoswiss is the world known Chronoscope wristwatch model. This wristwatch model combines top quality movement and perfect design. The movement of the timepiece is the Enicar 165 movement, it is used only in timepieces by Chronoswiss. Last year Audi celebrated its 100th anniversary and Chronoswiss presented the brilliant Tachoscope wristwatch model. The watch possesses a tachometric scale and its dial is stylized like control panel of Audi cars of 1930s. The brand made up a new caliber specially for the Tachoscope watch model. The wristwatch model is released in a limited edition and was released in two versions - gold and material. The wristwatch comes in a wooden box. Together with the wristwatch itself the set also includes a magnifier and a screwdriver. Watch makers from Chronoswiss createdthis watch in close collaboration with designers from Audi. In 2009 Chronoswiss offered the fantastic Edition Zeitzeichen VII Dragon watch model. This watch model has a fantastic design that amazes by its luxury. The watch is decorated with a very stylish dragon. The wristwatch model features manual winding ETA 6498 -1 caliber with diameter of 36 mm. The case is 44 mm in diameter, it is crafted from pink or white gold. The movement of the timepiece can be viewed though the skeletonized dial. In this year Chronoswiss offered the new version of its brilliant Opus - the skeletonized automatic Opus Chronograph and Grand Opus Chronograph. Both models are available in black color that Is provided by the DLC coating patented by Dianor company. The new wristwatch model features all the nicest characteristics of Chronoswiss timepieces, such as a fluted screw-down bezel, screw-down polished case back and a solid metal onion-style crown. The hands depending of the version red or luminous white. You will adore this great model like all other Chronoswiss watches!

Jacob Co - Most Luxurious Watches

13 agosto 2010 ore 12:28 segnala
Due to their really interesting and very luxurious design, watches fromJacob and Co cannot be confused with any other timepieces. If you love bright accessories that draw attention of everyone, than undoubtedly, watches fromJacob Co are made for you. As you realize, Jacob & Co wristwatches are watches released by Jacob & Co - the company that is famous in the whole world, the brand whose jewelry and wristwatches are justly considered true masterpieces. Jacob Co is a very young company, it was founded in 1986 by Jacob Arabo. Stars fell in love with Jacob & Co jewelry and soon the company became known in the whole world. Celebrities do love Jacob & Co wristwatches, for example such well known persons as Ozzy Osbourne, Naomi Campbell and Beckham. One of the most popular Jacob and Co collections is The 5 Time Zone collection that comprises truly peculiar timepieces. Timepieces from this The 5 Time Zone collection display time in five time countries of the planet simultaneously, so a wristwatch from The Five Time Zone watch collection is a truly nice wristwatch for a person who travels much or for a person who has some relatives abroad. The 5 Time Zone timepieces impress by their beauty, they attract attention of everyone. These watches are very brightly colored and also these timepieces are adorned with fantastic diamonds. It is so nice that The 5 Time Zone timepieces are released in 15 colors, anyone can choose a wristwatch that will suit him or her perectly. It is also nice that these fantastic watches come with four straps of different colors. The catalogue of Jacob & Co offers a big assortment of timepieces each of whom is a cute timepiece of top quality. Together with beauty Jacob and Co watches are characterized by great accuracy! A Jacob & Co watch is a great wristwatch for a person who would like to be always punctual. Jacob and Co wristwatches are beautifully designed and accurate, these watches are really impeccable!