Desert of rain Andreas Vollenweider

20 settembre 2009 ore 22:32 segnala

  Lyrics by Eliza Cilk                                                                                                                                                  Life in the desert of rain We are the people who live on this plain Waking and sleeping we wander alone Through the wind, the sand and the stones And the rain flashes glimmers of gold Pleasure to our eyes in the cold No long ago songs to poison our souls And tomorrow never unfolds (Our home is the desert of rain) Here are no paintings Here are no tales No poet lives here Theres no hiding ourselves Flints of our hearts are hard They link us together and keep us apart My path crossed yours in the dark We both touched and saw the spark And the spark grew to white heat and flame As our spirits awoke to a thundering beat And the drum sings the language of time Where rivers flow into your mine (A glow is in the desert of rain) Here is a painting Here spins that Here is a poem Heres shelter for us You move on, you move on Beyond the horizon youre gone And the rain flashes glimmers of gold But Im cold, Im freezing cold And the cold blade that cuts deep From the shadows of you to my waking sleep And the drum says this has been born While I live like a flame in a storm (I lost my home in the desert of rain) You'll be my painting This'll be my You'll be my poem I will tell to myself


  1. pensierino50 22 febbraio 2010 ore 09:03

    non la ricirdavo cosi dolce, felice settimana a Te :rosa  ciao

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